Ideal meal after an intense workout

Ideal meal after an intense workout

Is there really such a thing like recommended diet after an intense workout? If yes, is it specific? Should you look at the caloric requirement? How about your BMI? Well, these are just some of the questions one might ask when you know they are really serious about it. Heres’s the thing, the ideal meal should contain this food group distribution to keep your body toned and healthy. Most of all, here are some tips you may want to consider:

1. Eat your largest meal of the day after exercise.

2. Eat more vegetables than fruits with this meal.

3. Choose mostly whole foods with minimal processing.

4. Choose local or organic foods whenever possible.

5. Use smaller or larger plates based on your own body size.


If you are curious with the types of food you should eat, you can refer to out 20 post work-out foods.

Nurses Notes - Post-Workout-Plate

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  1. Hey thanks for this I thought it was fantastic advice and really makes sense. I’m aiming to lose about 27kg and I think this is going to really help me. Does anyone else feel really guilty when their diet fails I do? lol. I feel like I’ve destroyed the whole thing and then I end up piggin out which I know is really wrong to do, but it just gets hard when you’re in the moment lol. Anyway, really good vid and I’m going to really try this!!! thanks 🙂 xxx


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