Nurses Notes is a non-profit organization with correspondents based in USA, Singapore, Dubai, and the Philippines, creating eco-ethical updates, employment resolutions, study guides for nursing students and licensure examination takers, as well as health updates useful and accessible for everyone. We work hand-in-hand with a pool of agencies, hospitals, and associations to ensure that Nurses Notes becomes a portal for reliable information. As we say it here, we want to be Your Source and Your Guide.

The eco-ethical nursing employment model originated in 2007 in Manila, one of the Philippines’ most populated location for nursing schools and the home of the most populated hospitals.

Each year, thousands and thousands of nurses are being produced by each country. Due to the high demand of health care providers and its influence to good employment, many schools and people are trying to convert this discipline as a business. After the agencies help students with the completion of their courses and earn profits from them, the support promised to these individuals, more often than not, end there.

Molded with the wrong intentions, these budding practitioners end up having no idea what to do next. With this, the development of the vital aspects of their careers become hindered as the nursing’s essence of providing safe and effective practices become lost.

The genuine goal of nursing is indeed promising. But what would one’s next steps be after completing a course? What are the current issues that the industry is facing today? For health care providers, studying does not stop after completing a course. Each day, there are new things to be learned. Each day, there are topics being updated for safer and more effective nursing care practices. And for these reasons, NursesNotes was organized.

It is NursesNotes mission to help, guide, and update all nurses, especially those at the entry levels. The people behind NursesNotes are also registered nurses from their countries of residence, which assures that we all stand for the same vision.

NursesNotes is committed to provide the necessary information that you need–from examination reviewers and scholarship slots, to working suggestions and the current issues and trends of the industry.

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